Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 24, 2010

inside the phoenix warbird, part 3

It looks like the creators gave another part for “inside the phoneix warbird”. In my opinion, I’d have to say that these parts are actually pretty cool. All of these parts includes designs, sketches, and tools for making this beastly ship! The creator’s had this to say:

Poptropica fans already know that the Phoenix Warbird is the strongest ship on Skullduggery Island. But it didn’t always look that way! The designers went through several rounds of revisions, tweaking existing ideas and coming up with new ones.Finally, they had settled on the basic design and set to work putting it into Poptropica. The first step: a black-and-white wireframe, which adapts the earlier sketches into the Poptropica style.

See that little box above the ship and to the right? That’s to help the designers remember how large the ship is in comparison to your Poptropican.

The ship isn’t finished yet. There are more design tweaks to be made, not to mention the most fun part: Coloring!

-captain Crawlfish

The creator’s apparently use a tool for scale or for measurement. If you zoom in on the image, there’s two poptropicans and an arrow beside them. That means that it looks like there’s going to be more parts into revealing this ship. Possibly one or two more to describe colors or tweaks. The Phoenix warbird is definitely the coolest ship around. It has plenty of cargo space, it has awesome large cannons, and great speeds that can let you escape just about any enemy on the great seas.  And best of all, you get to incinerate captain crawlfish(freak). Why is he even called that? Is he a crawlfish? Doesn’t look like one.This is a crawlfish:

Captain Crawlfish doesn’t look like one to me. The creator’s should get better names. I mean, Ned Noodlehead? Why is he called that? Is his head a noodle or something? Shark boy is ok. But Dr. Hare? Is he a bunny? No, I think he’s just an insane freak dressed in a stupid bunny costume(cough) (another freak) (cough). Excuse me while I go get some water.(cough) (cough)

Elmo Pwns, out!


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