Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 26, 2010

behind the pheonix warbird, finale

The creator’s posted a final part of the series in the ending of how they designed and make the phoenix warbird. They’ve already did the sketch, scaling tools, and coloring and added the sea as a backround. They made a couple few tweaks on the final post by adding fiery cool flames on the sails to make it look beastly! 🙂 They then show an actual picture of how it looks on Poptropica and include a video on the evolution of the ship. This 21 second video goes through the makings step by step. First all the different sketches, then how they digitize it and put it on the computer, and finally how they color it and how it truly becomes the greatest ship known on Poptropica. At the bottom it asks you if you’ve bought it yet and tells you to play the island and buy the ship. It seems to me that this whole series is just a big advertisement in convincing us on how cool the phoenix warbird is and why we should buy it. This series has definitely been pretty  cool! I look forward to destroying Captain Crawlfish in Skullduggery island! The creator’s post goes as follows:

With the colors and the scale of the Phoenix Warbird in place, it’s time for a few final tweaks to the design. For that extra “oomph,” the creators give the ship a set of fierce-looking talons.And it’s done! Starting with one basic idea, the creators sketch out different possibilities, choose a direction, and then refine and improve the design until the final version you see here.

Here’s how it looks next to an actual Poptropican.

Huge, isn’t it?

And here’s a look at the Phoenix Warbird when it takes to the seas.

Quite a journey from concept to reality, huh? How far we’ve come:

Of course, seeing the Phoenix Warbird in pictures is one thing. Taking the helm of this mighty vessel is quite another.

Have you earned enough doubloons in Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird? If not, what are you waiting for? Play Skullduggery Island now!

Elmo Pwns out!


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