Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 26, 2010

radiation in the poptropica store

Master Mime has posted a short new post that goes as follows:

Stay tuned next week for a new item in the Poptropica store!

It shows an image of the radiation icon and is labeled as a “gold card” which means it is a certain power. This power is to come out sometime next week in the poptropica store. Master Mime gives very little information on this power but my guess is that it’s radiation so when you use it, it makes you glow or something. It’s strange that the creators would sell you nuclear material on poptropica…maybe we can use it to build an atomic bomb and blow up cheesy island of poptropica that we don’t like…hmm…nah. Although it would be fun to demolish an island…:D We have also captured and interrogated master mime for more information, the interview goes as follows without much luck:

Elmo Pwns: Tell me more about the store item or i’ll slap you!

Master Mime: (silence)

Elmo Pwns: (slaps!) Tell me and I’ll let you go!

Master Mime: (silence)

Elmo Pwns: (Slaps again!) boy you sure are hard to get too huh?

Assistant: Umm, sir, I think he can’t tell you since he’s a mime and can’t talk

Elmo Pwns: Nonsense, I’ll slap him a million times just to get to him. (oh boy, it’s gonna be a painful night)

Elmo Pwns out!


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