Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 29, 2010

island sneak peek

Master Mime has posted another post for a new island sneak peek. They’ve released a lot of sneak peeks so far for the “mechanical island”. There’s a new gadget they are going to release on this new island. It’s called the multi tool and is a gadget that is supposedly said to help you in your game and in victory. It’ll help you fight off monster and solve puzzles. Things like that. This new gadget seems handy! When you zoom into the picture, on fig. 1, it shows one layout of the multi tool and on fig. 2, it shows another layout. This tool seems to live up to it’s name and is basically a “tool for everything”. The tool seems to have  different forms of use that can help you in different ways as shown in the picture. Man, this thing looks handy! Can’t wait to saw apart some monster with this baby :)! The creator’s had this to say:

Many of you have noticed that there is a new Poptropica island in the works. We’ve decided to share a few sneak peeks of this mysterious, mechanical island.

You’ll need a few gadgets to get past some tricky puzzles and wacky, wild monsters — and I’m not talking about your dad’s pocket knife.

Here are a couple of gizmos that you won’t find in your home toolbox. One of these will help you on your quest to victory, cheering fans, and instant popularity…well, at least victory.

“Multi Tool”? Hmm, what do you think it does?

Come back all week for more sneak peeks. Then, on Friday, we’ll announce the name of the new island. You’ll get it here first, so keep those eyeballs glued to the blog for more exciting peeks.

Well, I suppose the tool helps you in the game as a weapon and also as something to help you on the way such as something to pry open doors with (using the wrench or something) or cutting monsters in half (using the saw blade). Boy, I’m pumped up for this new island already! The creators are also going to release the name of this “Mechanical Island” on this Friday. Any guesses? Mechanical Robot island? Mech island? Only time will tell.

ElmoPwns out! By the way, Coskit is a new author of this blog! YAY! cookies for everyone…oh wait…I burned them….


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