Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 1, 2010

another layout of the multi tool

Crank Crank Crank. EASY! Now! With the multi tool! TADA! With the Multi tool, you’re able to do ANYTHING. Want to open a can of soup? No problem! Because the multi tool will do it for you! But wait! According to our clients, this baby will do more than just open a can of soup! Saw monsters in half! Use that handy wrench to unscrew…umm….a bolt! Why you ask? We really don’t know! Buy the multi tool TODAY at the low low price of———————______________________*______________*_______________________________________****(transmission terminated)

Uh that TV advertiser has been stalking me since….last night. He followed me home……and waited in my closet….until I fell asleep…….But that’s just me:)! In other news, the creators released of the ingame look of the multi tool with color and animation. So far they’re saying that this is the ONLY item you’ll need in this new upcoming adventure. We already have some theories to what the name is(read last post) but it looks like they’re saying we won’t have to find or pick up any items. Sounds to good to be true. This tool shows a possible thermometer, wrench, and gear thingy. Anyway, this thing is a cool gadget and the creators had this to say:

Yesterday, we introduced a handy tool that you will need for the next Poptropica island, called the “Multi Tool.” I can imagine that you may be thinking, “Multi Tool?…Hmmm…It must be used for multiple tasks.”

It’s true that this device will do more than open a can of soup.

This is not the only tool you will need to make your way through the next Poptropica adventure. Tomorrow we will show you another inventory item that you are certain to have a blast using.

elmo pwns out

_______________————–*______________*(transmission received) Remember folks! Buy the multi tool today! The multi tool, helping families remove can lids since 2010.


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