Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 3, 2010

Poptropica Steamworks island


We have breaking news! The new mechanical island gets a name! Steamworks island! YESSS!!! Ha ha! I got it right! (see previous posts). The new island they’ve been promising for DECADES, ok maybe not THAT long, has finally gotten a name. All this month the creators posted sneak peeks and stuff to get us pumped up about this new mechanical island. The island header appears in the font of mechanical letters or machinery. The letter are supposed to resemble machines or mechanics. That means this new island is going to be pretty high tech and mechanical! There’s gonna be giant robots we get to saw in half! Vicious flesh eating plants!!!! AND MONSTERS, ROBOTS, AND MAN EATING STUFF WE GET TO KILL!ok….maybe a little TOO far.

All week we’ve been showing you sneak peeks of the newest Poptropica island currently in development, and we’ve promised to reveal the island’s name.

The time has come. My fellow Poptropicans, the Poptropica creators are proud to announce their newest creation:

STEAMWORKS ISLAND is coming soon!

Make sure to visit the official Poptropica creators’ blog often for the latest news and announcements about Steamworks Island, including some of the incredible gameplay features we have in store.



  1. ur juss crazy about killing stuff,aren’t u? XDDDDDDDDD

  2. yep! I looove action! ZZZZ! sawing a flesh eating plant in half!

  3. yes! a historic moment! this is a small but important milestone, 100 hits! yay

  4. How did you know beforehand that it would be called Steamworks??
    -Popular Joker

  5. I didn’t I knew that it would be somewhere along the lines of steamship island. Coderkid made steamworks island guess but I made steamship island guess. Read previous posts. I noticed the creators saved their images as steamship.2.png so it had to be steamship or somewhere along the lines of that. Well, pretty close guess.

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