Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 6, 2010

enemies on steamworks island

The creators posted their coolest update of Steamworks island yet! This update shows the various concept designs of the monsters and enemies you’re going to be facing on Steamworks island! There’s a whole bunch of ideas from “Thorned Brute” to “Jumping Jumbo nut”. These monsters look really cool and I look foward to destroying them in Steamworks island…heh, heh, heh….These are just the BEGINNINGS of the monsters you’ll be facing on the new island, and they look really beast! I compiled a list from the known concept sketches of monsters:

  • Acid Scorpion Thing (scorpion monster)
  • rammer (Bull monster)
  • Jumping Jumbo nut (Mexican jumping bean?)
  • unkown monster (acid cannon, whip vines, hard nut)
  • Spore Flower (Monster plant)
  • unknown monster (supposedly drips substance to slow players down)
  • Thorned Brute (Resemble an ogre or troll possibly)
  • Rolling seed (Disperses and opens which possibly injures player)
  • Swinging Burr vine
  • Jumping mushrooms (More plant monsters)
  • unknown monster (Bottom right sketch)

For Steamworks Island, the we’ll pit you against a variety of mutated plant monsters. But how did we make the creepiest, crawliest, ickiest plant monsters around?

We started by brainstorming.

These are just some of the sketches we drew to help us visualize what our monstrous creations would look like. Not all of the sketches will make it into the final product — in fact, most won’t — but this allows us to try out different ideas. Then we’ll take the very best concepts and work them into Poptropica.

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Elmo Pwns out!



  1. I hope this island won’t put me out of my dinner…icky, creepy, mutated ,vile monsters….ick

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