Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 8, 2010

The second step in creating monsters on steamwork island

The creators revealed the second step for creating monsters on steamworks island: Coloring and Finalizing the design. The creators posted this yesterday:

Yesterday, you saw some of the earliest ideas for the plant monsters that will appear on the next Poptropica island, Steamworks Island. This one seemed appropriately icky.

It’s still no more than a sketch — just an outline of an idea. But we’re already thinking about how the plant will look when it’s colored and detailed, and how it will move. The next step is to take this sketch and Poptropica-ize it!

These were only mere sketches of the plant monster. It seemed to swing back and forth in battle position knocking the player down or something. The creators said the next step would be to poptropica-ize it. Due to the update on inside the phoenix warbird, this term probaly means to color it and finalize the design, similar to: “the touch of poptropica magic”. Now they’ve made it look way cooler. They added details, colors, and even the littlest details matter as mentioned in the post. The plant on the right of the picture has an eye on it which makes it more menacing! The next step: animation and putting it on the computer. I think I’ll call this thing…one eyed freak of nature…ElmoPwns out!

After settling on a sketch we liked, it was time for to give a little more life to the plant monster that will be menacing players on Steamworks Island.

Below are two approaches to the plant monster. Can you spot the differences between them?

Little details, like the color of the planter, and big ones, like the plant’s eye, can make a big difference in the monster’s appearance.

The next step: animation test!



  1. Elmo pwns visit and then click edit this, then edit your part of the page, Thanks

  2. I did. Thankyou!

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