Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 11, 2010

Animation test

Ok, the animation test wasn’t working for the first few days. Phew. Now it is! This “one eyed freak of nature” monster we named, seems to attack by swinging it’s bulbs in a swirling motion and then launching them at the player. This animation gets me really dizzy since it goes FAST. How are we even going to catch up to its movements on Steamworks island?! This thing looks hard to beat but possible the multitool will do it for us ;-)… The plant also appears to have a mouth and eyes too with jagged teeth. Looks fercious if you ask me!

Now that the we’ve decided what this plant monster should look like on the new Poptropica Island, Steamworks Island, the next step is to decide how the monster should move. We put together a quick and dirty animation test:

Bet you wouldn’t want to run into that thing in a dark alley!

All this has taken us nearly to the completion of a plant monster for Steamworks Island. We may still decide to change the monter’s behavior, or some aspects of its appearance. After a few final touches, we’ll put it all together — but you’ll have to wait until Steamworks Island launches to see it!

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