Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 11, 2010

goldfish vaccum ad room

Hi! This is my first ad room post…yay! Well, in this ad room it looks like you’re going to have to save our delicious goldfish crackers from a vaccum! The ad room is basically a maze inside the vaccum and your to rescue the golfish in it. You get shrinked to minature size and then you have to enter the…VACCUM! If any of you have seen the commercials for the golfish the chapter where they left off was in search of that one goldfish and they end up getting sucked up in a vaccum. The time limit is two minutes presicely and to rescue the goldfish, there’s a number combo in which you have to press into the keypad in order to lift the door. At first if you click on the video there will be a video you have to watch. Once done, you’ll have to resuce the goldfish by entering the input code into the keypad(featured on the keypad after watching the video, thank goodness). Watch out for hurling objects inside the maze. Good luck! The codes are listed below:

  • Extreme: orange hyper/energetic look: 53279
  • Finn: sunglasses on: 89721
  • Gilbert: Brown, salted(yummy *smacks lips*): 73592
  • Brooke: girl goldfish: 34418
  • Swimmington: the one that you haven’t done from the rest (above) gruff/agreesive look, brown: 73592
  • Once done, your rewards are a goldfish cap and shirt with a goldfish on it, and a goldfish (similar to a follower) that follows you…Careful…..they wait in your closet until you fall asleep…..Anyways, I found this ad room on shark tooth island if your wondering where it can be located.



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