Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 14, 2010

gum party!

The creators released a new post stating all the types of gum that they’ve released including the free one ;-)!

  • Winter blast
  • Cinnamon fire
  • Classic flavor!

Looks like the creators all gathered blowing bubbles for a gum party! (twitch)…sounds weird….I mean, there’s parties…but a GUM PARTY? Who gets together just to chew gum?!…..

Remember that cool bubblegum we released to the Poptropica Store a few weeks ago?

Or maybe the hot bubblegum?

Or the free bubblegum?

Well, the creators decided to get together in a Multiverse room for a bubblegum party! As you can see, things got a little out of control.

Why not throw your own bubblegum party in a common room or Multiverse room?

A gum party….(twitch)…weird…ElmoPwns out!



  1. you don’t have to make 2 separate posts, just merge them together 😉

  2. K, thanx for idea!

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