Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 14, 2010

Shark Boy’s evil nemisis: Tiger Shark!


First, shark boy…then the hammerhead shark…and NOW! Tiger SHARK! It’s a battle for the greatest shark! Who will win?! Will it be the original and elusive “SHARK BOY”?! Or his long lost twin brother: “Hammerhead shark?!” Or even more vicious! THE TIGER SHARK! The creators released the new tiger shark costume. This costume is sortaf a pun since tiger sharks don’t really look like a tiger :). Get a free fin or get the shark boy costume for free by customizing in the musuem level with water! Have fun with these all new shark outfits! They’re something to SWIM about…Wait, that one wasn’t good, let me try another…They’re something to bite about…that was horrible! Wait! I have another

*audience boos*

Wait! Don’t go!!!!

Have you had a chance to try out the new Hammerhead Shark costume in the Poptropica Store? I thought about it, but I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror. What would my shark parents think?

Don’t forget, there are lots more neat ways to dress up like your favorite ocean predator in Poptropica. Also available in the store is this mean-looking Tiger Shark:

You don’t need credits for all the fishy fun. On Shark Tooth Island, a street vendor will give you this snazzy dorsal fin, free of charge!

And, of course, you can always visit the lowest level of the Shark Museum on Shark Tooth Island and costumize the most handsome museum employee around.

All this neat shark stuff — it’s almost enough to get me to crack a smile! Almost.


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