Posted by: Shaggy Tornado | July 15, 2010

Free stuff!

This new post on the PCB concerns the free stuff in the store:

I want to be free

That’s not true: I want everything else to be free. In the Poptropica Store, I mean. Even though most of those sweet, sweet Gold Cards cost me my precious Credits, there are plenty of free items to go around.

Like mini-quests!

The avatar studio!

Candy canes!


(What is it, bubblegum week around here? Wake me up when there’s a carrot-flavored gum. Sheesh.)
Of course, for Poptropica Members, everything in the store is free, even costumes. But you knew that already.


I noticed they left out the graduation costume. I wonder why….. In other news, this is my first official post! 😀



  1. yo, make sure to do the update on the mech outfit for steamworks island and then the creators thing! Thanks! Put yout best effort into it!

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