Posted by: Shaggy Tornado | July 16, 2010

Member’s Only Item, Costume, and Creator Identities!

Members only item for Steamworks like on Skullduggery last month.

A Steamworks surprise is coming

There’s a special treat coming tomorrow for Poptropica Members: a special Steamworks-related mystery item!

All will be revealed tomorrow. What could it be? The suspense is killing me!

…fortunately, I am well versed in suspenders.


Zey from the Poptropica Help Chat on the PHB got his members only item last night. It is a Steamworks Mech Pilots Outfit. It has a special action which is the goggles move up and down. Pic below:

Also (credit to the PHB), 2 creator identities have been discovered: Mitch Krpata  and Jennifer Wood. It is believed that Mitch Krpata is Hades on the PCB and Jennifer Woods is an editor on Poptropica.


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