Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 21, 2010

Whats with the Hub Hub

*Note: I added a title for you :D-Shaggy

The creators posted two new sneak peaks based on “the hub” . It appears to be some kind of machine mechanical structure. This new island takes a lot of focus on machines! :D…The hub appears in the below sketch as different machine parts. In the next post they put it into reality and use the tool to measure the scaling size of a poptropican. That thing is HUGE compared to an average player 0_0…how are they ever going to get up it?!!!! It looks pretty advanced an all….I bet there’s going to be things falling down it too as an obstacle. I wonder what you’ll use it for….

One of the places you’ll visit on Steamworks Island is what we call the Hub. It’s a sight to see! A rickety tower, a massive drawbridge, and pot-bellied steam stoves powering everything. Safe to say that you’ve never seen anything like the Hub before.

Er, at least, you won’t have seen anything like it. To start with, this marvel of modern engineering just looked like this:

Yes, it’s hard to see what all the hubbub is about — yet. Just wait until you see how this one develops!

The Hub started life as all of Poptropica does, as a simple idea and a sketch. Before long, we take that idea and turn it into reality. But did you know how many different revisions a single scene takes before it gets the Poptropica stamp of approval?

At first glance, this might look like a well developed scene.

But look a little more closely. Why is almost everything the same color? Why does it all look so flat? And what the heck is that blue thing on the right, anyway?

No, the Hub isn’t done yet. Not even close.

not even close?!!!0_0….I know I would be tired being a poptropica creator. They do all that work and not even close…man I wonder what will it do or what will happen…..We’ll  just have to wait! 😀


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