Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 21, 2010

steam works island poster



good work poptropican! Your patience and devotion to this blog has led you to find (argghhh) captain Crawfish’s treasure! avast ye mate! Hurry, email for ye free gift! This treasure sack has been looted say i!

The creators now have a page for the steamworks island poster! It looks all trashed up and mechanical! And it is set to 1400’s where the mayans abandoned their cities! Mysterious! What do you think will happen? Why did the mayans abandon their cities? The town looks mechanical and deserted as well as rusty.

The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metals and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget!

-creators blog

Wow….a growing mystery behind the steam!!! Ooooh good metaphor!!!! Later this summer? I can’t wait 0_0…There’s also the mech suit I noticed! Cool! I can’t wait to run over things with it!!!And anyhow,  there’s also a new ad which I’m (cough) to lazy to post about. It’s called cats and dogs: revenge of the kitty galore…remind me to never watch that movie. Anyhow, you get a hologram to hologram yourself, a spy helmet equipped with a laser.(nice!) and the game is a guessing game in which you have to find the undercover kitty…

-ElmoPwns out!


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