Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 26, 2010

vampires, guests, and the hub of the universe!!!

Ok, so I missed out on a few days of blogging. Sorry about that ._. But the first post details vampires coming into the poptropica store. EEEK! Vampires! Run for your lives! They’re m0stly all girls and only one boy though. I don’t see what’s so vampirish about them…They just changed their lips, hair, and the color of their clothes…Where’s the fangs?! Why isn’t there a special ability so when you suck someone’s blood, by pressing the space bar, the poptropican dies or it says: you died, character deleted…That would be cool and a fail at the same time. :D!!!! I’m beggining to wonder if this is a spoof on twilight….0_0

Are you a fan of vampires? We’ve got a whole new set of vampire looks just waiting to be costumized. Check them out in the Poptropica store!

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The second post concerns a special guest. He goes on humorous adventures…and has a “familiar” hair style from a certain book (hint hint!). Can you guess who he is? Appears to be Gregg Heffrey from Diary of A Wimpy Kid. The white head and sprawls gave it away. :D. But what do they mean by: coming to Poptropica? An ad room or possibly a mini mission like Dr. Hare’s secret lab? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait until Monday!

Greetings, Poptropica fans!
Recently, the creators of Poptropica learned of an
exciting new development: Next week, a special
guest is coming to Poptropica!

He’s well known to many of you
(especially those of you who like to laugh)
for his hilarious adventures, not to mention his loony
friends and family.
Let’s be sure to welcome him when he arrives.
Expect more information on Monday, Poptropicans.
You won’t want to miss this!

avatar image

The last post concerns the “hub of the universe”. I’m beggining to think that this “hub” is a gateway or portal to another dimension or something. And that the aztec people all got sucked into it! jkjk….but something like that. Or maybe all the weird monsters came out of it and terrorized the aztecs. It will have something to do with this “hub” and the blue thingy at the bottom which may act as a switch. Either that or an evil space overlord came and turned them into sushi…

audience: 0_0

elmpwns out!

We’ve done a lot of detail work on the Hub for Steamworks Island. Before we can call it done, we’ve got to give it one more pass to make sure it’s got character.

Ahh… that’s the stuff. The Hub looks old, weathered, and worn. It looks like it was once a city on a hill. Now, it’s grungy and decayed. And dangerous.

There’s lots more to see and do on Steamworks Island, and we’ll be showing you more soon. In the meantime, maybe we can all try to figure out what that blue thing is doing.


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