Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 28, 2010

welcome Gregg Heffrey+all new tips, and cheats part of our 3 pack!

Hello, welcome back! We’re doing a special 3 pack issue! 3 updates in 1 post! Btw, this week, there will be no new issue of poptropica news…sorry. Ok, first off, we have a special guest at poptropica! And tommorow, he’s going to show the cover of his new book! According to wikipedia. The new book will be about Greg and Rowley’s freindship:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5

The fifth book in the series will be published in November 9, 2010. It will be about Greg and Rowley’s friendship.[1] Provisional artwork shows a purple design and a working title of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5.[2] The book will also decide if Greg and Rowley stay friends, because at the end of Dog Days, Greg and Rowley’s last event together did not go well. On May 20, 2010, Amulet Books announced that the cover is purple and will have a national laydown on November 9, 2010. They also said the title and cover of the book will be released in July 2010.[3]


What do you think? Does their friendship break up? What will happen??? Anyways, the new post is this:

Poptropicans, please welcome the wimpy kid himself to Poptropica!

Greg Heffley is waiting for you on the Main Street of your favorite Island with some exciting news. Visit any Poptropica Island for the scoop!

The second post describes a special trick in “squashing cockroaches/creatures” on reality TV island in the hotel. These pests can also be found in the super power island subway station. It also shows how you can squash a crab at time tangled island at the beach. The crab comes back together but the cockroach doesn’t…poor bug….It’s actually kindaf fun doing it! đŸ˜€

This week we’re going to be sharing some neat tips and tricks to help you get a little more from Poptropica. We’ve hidden a lot of fun easter eggs in the game. You may have found some already!

Have you ever noticed how many of the background objects in Poptropica are interactive? Sometimes even more than you’d think. Take the crab that’s crawling around the first screen of Time Tangled Island.

He certainly looks mopey. But he’ll look even more mopey if you click on him.

See how he gets squished? Well, just see what happens if you keep clicking on him real fast!

Yikes! He explodes. Your Poptropican has to dodge the debris.

Don’t worry, though: he’ll come back together and be good as new in no time.

The same cannot be said for the roaches that infest Bucky’s hotel room on Reality TV Island.

Those little buggers move fast. If you can catch up with them, here’s what happens:

If you leave the room and come back inside, they’ll be ready to be squashed all over again.

Have you found any more clickable objects in Poptropica?

Yes, a lot. Like the bell that goes ding in the hotel room/24 carrot island store/etc. Or many other tricks and cheats listed in the cool stuff and cheats section on our blog ;D. These aren’t really secrets if you ask me….The next post details the nabooti phone codes for sectret stuff…that was kindaf old news, creators. A LOT of people already knew about that…

In Nabooti Island, one of the items you acquire to help complete your quest is a cell phone. Did you know that you can also use it for fun?

First, go to the Mountains of the Moon and enter the cave at the top of the mountain. Pick up the cell phone in the bottom left corner of the cave. Then, start dialing for costumes!

Dialing “911” will get you this lovely police hat.

In real life, you dial “411” to get information. In Poptropica, you dial it so that you can get a brain that already has all the information.

If you’re looking to impress your friends with your incredible computer sk1llz, this next costume is for you. Dial “1337” for these elite threads.

That looks spectacular with the brain hair. I sense a fashion trend!

Well, that ends our “3 pack” for todays updates! By the way, a new section is coming to poptropica called: The Poptropica games! Vote for your top favorite islands competing eachother in games. It’s a fight to the finish and it’ll be featured on this blog! ElmoPwns out!


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