Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 30, 2010

poptropica 4 pack: tips, tricks, store items, and the new book!

Firstly, the creators posted more cheats and tricks. The randomizer is the topic for today! These trips and cheats are actually getting kindaf old. Everyone already knows them. Once you randomize your character, there’s no way of getting the original character back…too bad…

Poptropica has lots of great costumes and accessories that you can buy from the store, or costumize from the characters you meet on your adventures. But did you also know that you can get a random costume any time you want?

It’s simple: just press Ctrl+Shift+R and an entirely new Poptropican will appear. Everything will be different, from hair style to accessory. Here’s some of what you might see.

Just a handsome pirate hanging around on Skullduggery Island. And then:

A pink-colored athlete.

A suave-looking fella in sunglasses.

This last guy looks like my accountant.

Be careful, though. Once you switch costumes using the randomizer, there’s no way to switch back right away! (Unless it’s a costume you bought in the Poptropica Store. Those stay in your inventory.)

Speaking of which, where did I put my eyepatch?

The next post details a store item in the poptropica store! This gold card allows you to give smiley faces to everyone! Way to cheer up that room master mime! Those smiley faces look pretty bizzare 🙂

 Today we added a new Gold Card item to the store. It’s called Smiley Potion. Use it like the Love Potion. You can choose one of three smiley faces to attach to another Poptropican or even yourself.

I decided to put on a disguise and try it out on Spy Island. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty smooth.

The next post details the cover of the last book of diary of a wimpy kid! As mentioned before, this book is going to detail about Gregg and Rowley’s friendship. If you read the dog days, they didn’t quite get along in the ending. Will their friendship be restored??? Well, we’ll just have to read it then and see ;). The cover of the book is called: The ugly truth. It is purple and shows Gregg with a frown sitting on a stump or something.

He also appears to be holding an egg or something, or a rock. Must have something to do witht the story :D.

The last post is another old easter egg in poptropica detailing that you can mix certain emotes. For example ctrl shift 3= laughing or sad while having a red angry face at the same time! There’s much more combos like that and you’ll just have to find them ;). It also details pressing keys to make the emotes, that’s old news creators. Pretty much everyone already knows that…sigh….

You probably already know that when you’re in a multiplayer room on Poptropica, you can click the emote buttons on the side of the screen to make your character smile, cry, pout, and jump for joy. Did you know you can also do these elsewhere in the game?

A simple keyboard combination will allow you to use any of the emotes during your adventures, which lets your character react to the story as it happens.

Press Ctrl+Shift+1 to laugh at pompous jerks.

Press Ctrl+Shift+2 to cry when you receive bad news.

Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to blow your stack at a faun who’s giving you guff.

And press Ctrl+Shift+4 to celebrate getting a new item.

That’s not all! You can combine some of these emotes to create brand-new ones that you won’t see in any common room. First, start the angry emote by pressing Ctrl+Shift+3. Once your character’s face is red, but before his head pops off, enter either the happy or the sad emote!

Everyone will think you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Sunscreen, people!

Yes! Spray some suncreen on people! You don’t want to end up like this guy…0_0…..Wait, in the last picture…did his head just pop off and come back on???How is he still alive…0_0

elmopwns out! (phew, long post)


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