Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 5, 2010

friend or foe?-foe

The creators posted a new post entitling this new “machine helicopter thingy” you’ll be using to help you along the way. Is this machine a friend or a FOE? Well the post is as detailed below. This thing will follow you everywhere….and will wait in your closet until you fall asleep at night…

All right, so the question is: If you come across a strange robot lying dormant in a wasteland, should you poke it? 9 times out of 10, it’s probably not a good idea. But I poked this one. It unfurled some crazy robot arms.

Then the visor over its face started to slide upward. I braced myself for its evil mechanical visage.

Well, not bad so far…

Look at that! He’s smiling. Maybe we’re going to get along.

*suddenly, the smile turns back into an evil grin. It’s eyes flash red and it shreds Binary Bard to peices!…*

Binary Bard: Foe….definitely….

Speaking of friend or foe, the new steamworks island trailer is super awesome! Looks like you get a mech suite, a stalker robot (detailed in post) following you everywhere. And it’s pretty high tech, mysterious, and fun looking! :D. There’s a musuem, something called  a “gear shop”, tons of  puzzels and things to get across, and it looks like you have to use that good old multi tool to unlock some gears and puzzels, and finally, it shows a fight scene between a plant monster (in previous post(s)). Looks cool! ;D

elmopwns out!



  1. Great post!

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