Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 11, 2010


The creators posted yet another new post to get us excited! Only 2 days left until the long awaited Steamworks island opens to members! Check back in 2 days later right here on this blog for everything you need to know so far on the island! ;). The post looks pretty cool! Looks like you use that mech suit to make your way through a fun maze! Psst, now that they’ve showed us the layout for the maze, keep the image so you can make your way out and you might find that image handy ;). Only two days left! If you really want to get into early access then you might want to hurry up and buy a membership like the rest of us. We’ll give you pics, updates, and gameplay experience on this new mechanical island. Best of luck! ElmoPwns out!

Like a massive, steam-powered gear, the Early Access launch of Steamworks Island turns ever closer. Poptropica Members have but two days to wait before they can set foot on this vast island of metal and machines. As promised, here’s another snapshot of the danger that awaits you.

That looks like a tricky maze! You might need some help finding your way through there.


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