Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 12, 2010

Steamworks island on now!

The long awaited Steamworks Island is online right now! Members get early access to the island! And readers on this blog will be updated right about now! First off on our huge steamworks update, some players may have trouble getting to the blimp. For example: they keep on getting teleported back to the poptropica homepage. If you have troubles with this, just log out, wait a few seconds, and then log back in. Try refreshing the page if that doesn’t work. If nothing works, restart the computer. Hopefully that will work. I had troubles with this annoying glitch at first. When you first arrive at Steamworks island, everything looks worn down and brokenish. Everything is pretty much deserted. Now, I reccomend playing this as early as possible because in a little while, the servers are going to get SWAMPED. Main street consists of abandoned shops, musuems, and relics of the “aztecs”. The multiplayer room is the last building in main street and this island is fairly large and you have to do a lot of exploring. The musuem, you should visit (hint hint) because you might find somethings useful there ;). The top levels of the musuem are hard to get up onto because the floors you use to jump up there keep falling down :(. You have to be fast to get up there. There’s definetly something useful up there. The island itself is very “mechanical”. There’s lots of pipes, machines, and stuff to jump up on and the backround for the island is not the usual mountains and trees. It’s mechanical and polluted. The gameplay involves a lot of jumping so if your not a good jumper this might be a good way to pracitce. One false move can send you starting back at the start! Heights always make me a little nervous…Begin by exploring the island a little. Make your way around. Get used to the jumping enviroment. There’s a lot of things that involve machines and tech uses. There’s wind blowing across the island and it looked like the machine got old and rusty and that people seemed to abandon it for some reason. They also apparently used machines on the island to do their work since there is a broken robot in the first building (cafe). Once your done with main street, go a little to the right and there will be more buildings. Then, the hub will appear! You can get it moving by jumping on a spring and switching the switch. I’m still pondering over what it does ;). There’s also a battery regenerator on the garbage can on main street and it looks like there’s some gear work to do with the robot in the cantina on mainstret. So many things! Once you go into a building called Sully’s shop. You will meet the Sprocket which will help you on your quest. He appears lifeless at first but then he’ll whirr to life by clicking him. I’ve already given enough spoilers. Want to find out what happens next? Is the Sprocket going to do something to you?! When will there be the first fight with a plant monster?! Guess you’ll have to play it yourself then ;). As for now, this gamer is going to go play STEAMWORKS ISLAND!

-elmopwns is definetely out!

P.S. Hi it’s me, EL!


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