Posted by: Shaggy Tornado | August 13, 2010

They finished so fast!!

Since Steamworks Island came out yesterday, lots of Poptropica members have been streaming to it to play it! The Poptropica Creators have honored the first 10 completers of Steamworks in todays post! (There’s a lot of pictures so i wont post it cause it will be really long. But, you are welcome to look at the winners’ Poptropica characters at

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Steamworks Island!

It’s no Poptropica secret: Steamworks Island is tough to beat! This is definitely one of the most challenging Poptropica adventures so far. (For my money, the hardest is still Astro-Knights. Why not? It’s got the best villain!)

Despite the difficulty, lots of Poptropica Members, with a full head of steam, have already worked their way to the end. See what I did there?

Congratulations to the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Steamworks Island! Your reward: your name in lights!

1. Bronze Monster     2. Hyper Popper     3. Mighty Flame     4. Popular Jumper     5. Shy Fire     6. Cool Owl     7. Friendly Shell     8. Angry Dragon

9. Shiny Crown     10. Short Flame

We’ll hope to see many more of you crossing the finish line in the days and weeks to come!


I can’t believe they finished it, since I heard that Steamworks is really really hard. Well, congrats to you, and see all you non-members out there on Steamworks Island on September 9! Peace!! 😀

(@Elmopwns: is this good enough? :D)

yesh, keep up the good work 😉



  1. Please do more posts in the future…thanks

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