Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 18, 2010

Snapshots of Steamworks Island and ending

Below are some snapshots on my incredible mission and visit on Steamworks Island! Pretty Cool island huh? Want to

play this new island early? Get early access today! My favorite part was at the end with the plant monster fights! Warning, the following content below contains spoilers of the plot:

Basically what happened is that at the end once you get in your mech suit and solve all the steam terminals and stuff, you destroy all the monsters and then the Sprocket has to unlock the door at the end but you have to stop these sails from turning. How dissapointing, no giant huge mega monster to fight but only to stop a sail :(. And we only get to fight two monsters (in pics). Then when you use the multitool (wrench) to help you stop the gears pushing the sails. You stand before the final door of your journey! Here’s where you find out what happens! Behind this door lies all the secrets! As you enter the door, you discover a lab. There’s something horrifying and weird in the lab. It appears like poptropican like figures and concealed into test tubes. Freaky. The place is dark and you have to do some climbing and jumping…You remember the note that says from Captain Zigg “keep them at bay” who is them?! You pick up the “acid gun” which attaches to the mech suit. Looks like there is going to be a FINAL battle! But with whom?! You get back into the mech and venture in with the acid gun. Here goes! The acid cannon has a high rate of fire! It’s pretty cool :)! You use the multi tool once again to operate the controls of a bizzare machine in the lab. Then a princess comes and says: “we’re saved after 200 years! She comes out of one of the test tubes! She says that her plant experiments went wrong and plants became monsters. The lab is actually a hibernation center. They took refuge in the test tubes to perserve their life for 200 years until someone came (player/you). Then the final fight begins! Something is shaking! the brain of all the plants has began to stirr to life! You must fight the evil brain with your acid gun ;). You go down through the elevator and confront it! You go through this maze (in pic of creators post, the pic on the creators post will help you) and the exit for the maze is near the floor next to the bottom. There’s a lot of really annoying plant monsters to get past. Just blast them to peices with your acid cannon! Then the final fight begins! Strategies: The centeral brain of the plant monsters is basically this blob with tentacles and a bunch of plant peices hanging onto him. Keep in mind the acid water level is constantly rising so with every death, you learn something. You have to kill him before the acid rises too high and toasts you :(. The acid fire actually richotets off the monster. Whenever he strikes his head at you, get back and he’ll hurt himself when his head goes back. Then fire at him when that happens ;). He’ll take some damage every time you hit him. But just watch out for the acid level, it will continue to rise and eventually “turn you to toast”. Once you have defeated the brain you will discover there are more parts of the brain. Keep on making your way up the floors. The second part is a seed shooting thingy. Strategies: Watch out for the seeds coming at you! Same thing, wait for it to shoot it’s head at you, then shoot it when it gets hurt flinging it’s head back. 3 shots will pretty much kill it. Careful, duck when its seeds come at you and don’t fall back down a floor or you’re toast! Try shooting down the seeds he throws at you with your acid cannon. That will help ;). The final boss shoots seeds and flings his head. Seeds also drop from the ceiling. When a seed drops from the ceiling run quickly away from it and same old things: shoot the seeds he flings at you, and get back when his head tries to fling at you so he’ll hurt himself and you can then shoot him form there on. Same thing, 3 shots, 1 kill. Once you’ve killed the big boss, The queen will reward you the medallion in thanks for you work on saving the citizens. Good job. Mission done. (phew)! Spent an hour typing this :P. Yay, also 100 more credits! Whooo Hoo! elmo pwns out!



  1. AWESOME!!! Sounds like some lamely R rated horror movie! Sort of.

    • lulz, so true 😀

  2. hi, i’m imani
    I am stuck on Steamworks island in the windzone in the hibernation centre. I can’t get to mainstreet. Please, please help me! i need directions! this island is too confusing!


  3. im stuck on the island!! what do i do!?!?!?!?!

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