Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 19, 2010


Hi readers. St, if you’re reading this wondering “why the heck can’t I post something new” is because of the obvious reason. The last post you did was pretty good but I gave you your warning already. You have been removed from this blog due to lack of effort. You only give effort when warned for a short amount of period. I can tell you’re not truly devoted to this blog. On the new post you stated:

The Creators 2 new blog posts show us some aspects about Steamworks Island, namely piloting the giant robot legs and the blackboard!

ST OUT! BYE!*waves*

and on the phb you had close to a paragraph. I’m sorry. I still like you as a person but I just don’t feel your effort on this blog. I am beggining to search for new author(s). Have what it takes? Email me at Thanks for reading and considering this ST. I’m sorry, but I also will rarely be on the phc and removed you from facebook friend users since I don’t know you in real life that much :/. Call me picky but I strive to have a full detailed cool blog with good posts and excellent devoted effort making authors like the phb. I’m not saying you’re a bad author but this is clearly a lack of effort. And thanks for making that spelling error ST. I really appreciate you helping out as an author. We’ll still be friends though but maybe not on this blog :/. Goodbye

-ST, until never, ElmoPwns 😦


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