Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 21, 2010

power switch

Since EL did a sloppy and bad post. I’m going to show what a post that took me 5-10 min. looks like! The creators did a new post concerning power switches in Steamworks island! These switches could be used for a number of things. From turning on that bridge on mainstreet to activating the hub. The creators posted these as hints for when Steamworks Island comes out for non-members in like what…a month or something? Anyways, check out the MASSIVE post concerning (spoilers) steamworks island endings/strategies/walkthrough/ and pics of the high tech adventure! Out of 10, my rating would be an 8.6 for Steamworks Island.

Here’s a simple tip to help you make your way through Steamworks Island. If you’re getting stuck, take a look around for one of the long, blue-handled switches.

They’re everywhere, and most of them will help you get to somewhere that looked out of reach.

So if you’re stuck, just look for a switch!

Yep, look for the switch ;). Too bad that school starts in a week. I have everything ready for school but it’s just that I’m not too ready to go back yet :(. Hopefully an F-18 comes and “accidently” drops some kind of mini nuke on the school. lulz. And that was an example of a GOOD post with effort in it and not just a few sentences like what EL and ST did (sloppy posts, no effort :/)

Elmo Pwns out, and thanks for leaving on your own EL


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