Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 28, 2010

time to vote+steam robot

In a new post detailing the 4 mansions in a series of posts this week (2 of which I was too lazy to post about) it details that you can vote for your favorite mansion! Will it be the original number 1? The mega number 2? The cozy number 3? Or the “bluey” number 4? (I know, bluey is a bad word to describe it :)). Now you can vote! I’m voting for the mega number 2! It’s big, “megaish”, and uh….adjectives fail me :(.

This week, we’ve shown you four different sketches of mansions. But only one will be able to make it into a new Poptropica Island. It’s so hard to decide which it should be. Let’s take another look:

Mansion 1
Mansion 2
Mansion 3
Mansion 4

Decisions, decisions…

Which one do you like the best? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

And so far the leading mansion is…the bluey number two mansion! The creators are using these polls to see which houses to put in their new islands! So be sure to look for the number two mansion in a new “real estate island” sometime in the future ;).

In this next post, it details a Steam robot on the loose! This is a special news report! We are live from the scene on Steamworks island where a steamworks robot is on the loose! What does this thing want? 

Reporter: Excuse me, robot sir. What exactly do you want from us poptropicans??? Why are you on the loose?

Robot: I’m on the loose so that you poptropicans can buy me in the POPTROPICA STORE! Buy me for only 75 credits kids! You too can get the latest trend of steamworks island!*****

Reporter: Nvm, it’s just a stupid ad for the poptropica store :/

Several Poptropicans have reported that a Steam Robot has recently escaped from Steamworks Island!

We have this image to show you what it looks like. Take a look in the Poptropican store. It may be hiding there.

Elmo Pwns out

*****Purchases may require valid credit card. You must be a human (not a robot) to order. Call 1800-a-r-e-y-o-u-r-e-a-l-l-y-g-o-i-n-g-t-o-f-a-l-l-f-o-r-t-h-i-s? to order a low low payment of 75 credits (daily for 1 year). Supplies for assembly sold seperately….


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