Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 31, 2010

costume post

Hi everyone! The creators just did a super mega awesome poptropica post! This one details all the high tech/weird and cool costumes(robot costumes). Such as: the steam robot or the renegade alien costume…These costumes are definetely some favorites of mine so come and take a wiff of the post!

Master Mime has told you about the Steam Robot on the loose in Poptropica. Don’t forget about the other robot Costumes you can get in the Poptropica store.

The Retro Robot sports sleek wings and big yellow eyes.


The Renegade Robot makes his own rules.

Don’t forget, with the power of the Costumizer, you can mix and match costumes from the Poptropica Store!

I call this the “Retrograde Robot.”


“Steamgrade Robot.”

You don’t even have to combine similar costume parts for a cool new outfit. Here’s a Mech Pilot head on a Renegade Robot body.

This is the, er… “Renemech Pilograde Robot?” We’ll work on that one.


You can use multiple powers at once, too!

What crazy costume combinations can you come up with?

Very cever creators ;). Looks like the creators also came up with costume combos or mixed costumes :). What can I come up with? Well, just check out or weird and wacky costume database for a collection of mixed up costumes! Such as pirate ninja or space knight :). Anyways, new costumes come out this fall. School also started today and the good thing is all my classes are near my locker so I won’t have to worry about running around the whole **** school.

elmo pwns out!


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