Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 2, 2010

four wheel drive

Another day, another new post! speaking of which, yesterdays post gb will do as his first post on the blog whoo hoo! This new posts concerns the car they showed yesterday! this one is the rear view of a four wheel drive car. Kindaf like a hummer or jeep. what will we use this for and will it be in the new island with all those houses? (hopefully not, blech, islands with houses, how boring :P)

Yesterday you saw an overhead shot of a vehicle from a new Poptropica Island. We’ve managed to get in a little closer to show you a more detailed picture.

Looks like fans of Poptropica have some off-roading in their future! But… what will you find off the beaten path?

hmm…any guesses to this new island? (If I can’t find any new names for this island, i’m afriad i’m going to have to stalk, kindap, and torture one of the creators for info….)

elmo pwns out! (meh heh heh heh, the stalking begins!)


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