Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 4, 2010

steamworks island tips

The creator captain crawfish has began to show us some obvious tips for steamworks island! Steamworks island comes out in around a week for non members. If you want to beat the island fast you got to play in the mornings otherwise the servers will be SWAMPED. The tip the creator showed us this time is an air lift that will lift you to certain places. The island requires a lot of jumping so this will definitely be useful ;).

All right, has everybody had something to eat? Checked your email? Gone to the bathroom? I want to make sure you’re all paying attention. It cost me a lot of money to have these pictures developed.

After having my fun with the nuts and bolts of Steamworks Island, next I happened upon some sort of massive, upward-blowing fan. Strange — why was this functioning was so much of the machinery on the Island was rusted and useless?

No matter. When you come across airflow like this, you’ve got to ride the slipstream.

The wind rocketed me into the air!

These things are all over the place on Steamworks Island. You can really catch some air. You can probably use them to complete the quest, too, but why rush?

why rush? So that way the servers won’t be swamped! Better start playing in the morning if you don’t want to have a slow and lagged game which can be really really REALLY excrutiating.

elmo pwns out (still stalking Ned Noodlehead…)



  1. Yo, it’s elmopwns from my ipad

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