Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 9, 2010

Great pumpkin island

Believe it or ntot but the newest sneak peek in the map is pumpkin island! My first thought was, what the &@$? The map also lets you zoom in onto islands and wherever the cursor goes, the blimp goes. This pumpkin island is actually from the comic Peanuts and shows linus on the front since he is obviously a believer in the great pumpkin on haloween. The island is animated and all those posts about those tractors are based off of this new upcoming island. This is said to be the haloween island for this year. (oh boy! I love haloween!)

You can go on the mainstreet and talk to linus and he’ll inform you about the great pumpkin (based of the famous tv premier from Charlie Brown)

elmo pwns out!




    • i do, in the end, you go for trick or treats and you even let your imagination slip and enter WW2 (too bad u have no gun) and the great pumpkin doesn’t show up since it’s all a fake as everyone knows…and you also play a bunch of minigames…don’t forget to enter our halloween contest people 🙂

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