Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 14, 2010

Pumpkin patch

…does it make a sound?

Well, I’m not sure if any growing pumpkin makes a sound. But I do know that it’d be a shame to leave the Great Pumpkin Island pumpkin patch empty this week. Those pumpkins are starting to grow, all right. And now, if you visit you can talk to another PEANUTS character!

That’s right, good ol’ Charlie Brown is in the pumpkin patch with Linus, and he’s got plenty to say. Head over to Poptropica and take a look!

Well, looks like they just updated the new pumpkin island! There’s charlie brown and hopefully pretty soon there will be more characters, each year they have a new halloween themed island! This year is great punpkin island…say, those pumpkins are getting pretty ripe too ;). Plenty to say huh? Well, just have to find out by going there. This is a rather short post since halo reach comes out tommorow, and if you know me well i’m a BIG halo fan, it’s one of the best games around :)!!! i’m getting pumped up for tommorow so bye!

random fact (new random fact on every post): did u know there are twice as many kangaroos than people on australia?

ep out!



  1. alright, i saw those comments you were going to put and i’m emailing u only to settle this little “rivalry”. Sorry for getting mad at you and calling you a sloppy author, i’ll remove that post and stuff like that, that just happens when i get mad sometimes. Sorry for removing you and all that stuff, ur not a bad author…..truce? even if u don’t i’m just emailing to say sorry and stuff for insulting you…. .-.

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