Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 15, 2010

3rd b-day!

Poptropica first opened its doors in september 15th 2008. I remember when it first began, ah yesss….playing poptropica in the library on Fridays with all the other kids. Then came Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, and others. New islands were quickly released, and soon, millions of people over the world, just like me, soon started playing the never ending game of Poptropica. Now, on its third anniversary, with tons of features, fun adventures, and sooooo many islands, IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!

Some of our agents may have already figured it out — it’s Poptropica’s third birthday this month!

To celebrate, we’re giving all Poptropica fans a chance to win a special, rare outfit. All you have to do is visit any common room between now and September 30, and look for the special blue balloon with a “3” on it.

Pop the balloon, and you win!

If you don’t see the birthday balloon this time, you can keep trying. Our 3rd birthday page has all the details.

And now, it’s time to party!

HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY POPTROPICA!!! LONG LIVE ONE OF THE BEST ONLINE GAMES OUT THERE!!! Find one of those balloons and party on!!! The birthday page was approved by: Baloon boy! Save baloon boy! There’s a special page dedicated to that on right now!  Will he appear in future islands? Who knows??? Find one of those balloons and get the awesome and rare b-day shirt!

elmo pwns is out!



  1. I WANT THAT OUTFIT!!!!!!! if anyone has it plz pic it on here 8) and tell me were u got it as well maybe theres more than one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @elmopwns:i’ll post on friday, i have school so i wont be availible most ofthe time during the week

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