Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 17, 2010

original poptropica

Do your parents ever like to embarrass you by showing your baby pictures to your friends? Mine sure did, until I got even. Oh, did I get even…

Um, anyway, it turns out that Poptropica has some embarrassing baby photos of its own. You already know that when you start a new game, you can customize your Poptropican any way you’d like. It looks a little something like this.

Way back when we started planning Poptropica, we knew we wanted to let you customize your character. But, er, this is how we initially sketched it out.

Yikes! Of course, it was never meant to look this way for real. We just wanted to demonstrate how changing your character would work. Still… yeesh. I can’t believe we used to look like that. How embarrassing!

Yes, my parents have plenty of times…don’t even go there…I’m suprised the creators actually showed embarassing photos of their own! Check out way back when they were creating the “select your character” page. Yikes! If poptropica was like that I would’ve stopped playing a looonnnggg time ago…this is all part of the b-day celebration of poptropica. What is that thing anyways? It looks so “messed” up.

elmo pwns out!

Green Boa steps in: Hey Guys! GB here. I would make this update in a new post but I don’t really see the point since this PCB post is so MINICULE. For people who don’t like long words that means small, tiny. Simply, it ain’t too darn big. Moving on, here’s the latest update from the PCB.

Friday, September 17, 2010

In addition to giving away an ULTRA_RARE PRIZE in the common rooms, we’re giving away a FREE item in the Poptropica store!

Thank you Poptropicans for your support!
avatar image

Oh. A number 3 balloon? I’m glad it’s free, because if it costed credits, I would NEVER waste 75 creds or something on a tiny little thing like that! Except if I had membership, which I do, (no offence) but that doesn’t matter, because it IS free anyway. Now that’s all from me, so I guess I’ll head o- *reporter rushes over and whispers in ear* wait a second! We’ve got breaking news! BREAKING NEWSSS! Ahem. Anyway, take a look at the post that ElmoPwns posted about. The embarressing baby photos of poptropica, yes, now look at the PCB. That’s right, go to Now, do you see the baby photo post? No! It has been deleted! Vamoosed! It has skedaddled! If the PCBers have changed it back by the time you see this, here is the pic of a mysterious post that has been posted on the PCB, and then removed. Did the creators think it wasn’t nessicary? Anyways, here’s the pic. GB has left the building.

Where could it be? Didn't the creators like it? Was it too EMBARRASSING? 😛


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