Posted by: Green Boa | September 18, 2010

Who needs pixie dust when you got SPECIAL CARDY THING

Because in target you can buy awesome poptropica cards for $10! kinda expensive, but really, who cares? I mean, pixie dust is like $10,000 a bottle. (fairy size)

Friday, September 10, 2010

If you’ve been to a Target store recently, you might have seen something interesting in the electronics section. Something that looks a little like this:

Introducing the Poptropica Game Card! Poptropica Members can use Game Cards to extend their existing Memberships by 10 weeks. Non-Members can use them either for a new 10-week Membership, or 1,000 Credits to use in the Poptropica Store. Either way, you win!

Poptropica Game Cards are available now at Target, and are coming soon to many other retailers. You know, the holidays are right around the corner…

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Whaaaat. 10 week membership? whew, that’d be cool. But not better value than the memberships themselves. 1000 would be sweet too. Lots of stuff, but I

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