Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 23, 2010

general store

With the all new great pumpkin island coming VERY soon (it’s a month away from halloween! cough cough) the island with all those houses has made another sneak peek. This one is a general store. Strange, those stores were back in the olden days….ahh yess, i was a yung’in back then…i remember 6 days ago when i was a kid as if it were today….

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon, but every day isn’t Halloween at Poptropica HQ. We’re working on more new Islands for you to enjoy, too!

Need proof?

My, that’s one fine looking general store. It reminds me of the lovely seaside resort towns I used to ransack on Skullduggery Island. Those were the days. Nowadays it’s all fences and gated communities.

yes, it appears this island is set back to “earlier” years of history. What will the island be?! And does this have anything to do with those cars or dinosaur tracks? (btw, nice post gb, keep up the good work! Feel free to help yourself to anything the iptoolz guy on the poptropica help page can give u :)) Well does it?! And Captain Crawfish needs to stop raiding towns and searching for “treasure”.

elmo pwns out!

random fact: did you know slugs have four noses?

…..***captain crawfish here…does this thing even work? Hello? Hello? There we go…ahem (cough) (cough). Well, hello poptropicans reading this blog, I have a special annoucement…i just buried a patch of treasure here awhile ago…if any of ye scurry sea dogs can find where i buried the treausre on this blog, there will be a special something for ye. Once ye have found the treasure. Email it to (I will be stealing his account and stealing the credit soon since i don’t know how to create an email account…curse the days without electricty…) now…ahem good day…..****_____________——–

*****….___incoming transmission from post number (error) (error) in the month Ju-(error!) 201(error error!)transmission generated…._____***Captain Crawfish: Hurry up and start digging!!! Pirate: Sir, next time, instead of burying the treasure where no one will find it, shouldn’t we…you know, actually SPEND the money on something nice? *Captain Crawfish pulls out gun and shoots pirate…rest of the pirates dig harder…**____—–transmission end…..(error!)


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