Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 24, 2010

real estate island?

Imagine having something like this on display in your home. You’d need a pretty big house — not to mention money to burn!

What kind of bird is that, anyway?

hmmm…is that bird a peacock? Oh, Oh, oh! I know! It’s a…mini panda!!!…..0_0……maybe not? I’m really wire up today. For every1 doing b-day shout outs, only shout out if it’s close to ur b-day thanx. Now, this new island is house based. We know it involves a LOT of houses. And that there are tons of sneak peeks like that one with the car and all those dinosaur tracks…hmmm….strange….real estate island? maybe it’s like rtv island where u get to design ur own home and stuff like that….

ep out!

….._____***incoming transmission___***captain Crawfish: Keep digging boys!****____end of transmission



  1. It’s a DoDo bird!:)

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