Posted by: Shaggy Tornado | September 25, 2010

What is your Friday fix?

Mine is usually Facebook and Poptropica! And speaking of Poptropica, the Creators’ just put the info page of Great Pumpkin Island online!! Black Widow tells us in this post:

Your Friday fix

Before we head into the weekend, we wanted to make sure you saw this: the info page for Great Pumpkin Island is up, with some cool new screenshots you haven’t seen before!

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon. You’ll hear the release date first right here on the official Poptropica blog!

And on the Great Pumpkin Island info page is the following:

Halloween is here but no all of the PEANUTS kids are celebrating —  not when Charlie Brown keeps getting tricks instead of treats, Snoopy is attacked by the infamous Red Baron, and Linus waits all night for the Great Pumpkin. Can you set things right and save Halloween?


This island looks like it’s gonna be awesome!!!! Coming soon with membership to a Poptropica near you! Now that I got a memebrship account, I can play it! See you guys there! 😀



  1. Yaaay! Snoopy!!! NOW it’ll be a cool island! 😀

    • oh yeahhhh!

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