Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 1, 2010

great pumpkin island!

Breaking news! Great Pumpkin island is now online! You can even purchase the woodstock stalker pack…jkjk…it’s all freee for members! If ur a member, see u there guys. I’ll be on this new awesome island! The island doesn’t have that much jumping. There’s a lot of mini games or small games and my rating would be an 8 out of 10. It’s pretty short and hopefully at the end you get to meet the great pumpkin! but first, u need to get invited to the partah! see u there!

Not only do Poptropica Members have Early Access to Great Pumpkin Island — they’ll also get an exclusive follower card if they log on during the Early Access period.

That’s right, Snoopy’s pal Woodstock can come along on your adventure! If you’re not a Member already, you can become a Member and get the Woodstock follower card, as well as Early Access to Great Pumpkin Island.

I think we made Charlie Brown’s day a little brighter.

the scenery is pretty peaceful(perfect place to destroy and conquer) and good luck 😉

elmo pwns out!



  1. I finished it. super easy. I was confused at he last part though, before you get the medallion, did the GP even show up?

    • nope, i’m still scanning for clues…hmm…can u do another post once in awhile thanx!

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