Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 5, 2010

pumpkin head

A long known cheat in poptropica is the pumpkin head! Whenever it’s time for halloween, players can press ctrl-shift-p or something for a pumpkin head! This and many many many other cheats, that are not found on other blogs, can be obtained from our database in cool stuff and cheats.

With Great Pumpkin Island now available for Poptropica Members (and coming for everybody on October 14), Halloween is on a lot of people’s minds. Well, why not visit the Poptropica Store to put a Halloween costume on your Poptropican, too? This one’s my favorite:

Since “Great Pumpkin” is already taken, we’ll call this one a very good pumpkin.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume for your Poptropican to wear?

it’s definitely a nice costume to wear on great pumpkin island (hence the name). By the way, to all readers, this is a warning, ahmed has currently been removed from the blog and suspended until we can regain his trust. He has hacked and betrayed many, many, other blogs recently including loud shark’s blog (if u go there it has already been shut down). Do NOT email him currently until we can regain his trust…over and out!


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