Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 23, 2010

cryptids island?

In a new pcb post today, the creators posted a balloon of some sort and a flying kite as well! Those trees kindaf look like the ones on counterfiet island! Does this new jurrassic/house island have anything to do with that balloon?

Up, up in my beautiful balloon…


maybe that’s the new poptropica blimp! Hmm? In other news, on the phb, loud shark gave the public a pic which had only been posted for an hour labeled “cryptid island” which means an island full of “unknown creatures (definition of cryptid)….hmmm, maybe that was what it was all about with those tracks!



  1. How come whenever you are on the PHC I am not? And when I am on, you aren’t. I always miss you.

  2. Poptropica Cryptids is VERY complicated

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