Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 26, 2010

did YOU see it?

As many  of you may have known, an image for the all new cryptids island was seen on the homepage of poptropica, and then vanished within minutes. The only image of it is on the phb and loud shark captured it. Yes, I did see it, sneaky sneaky creators! This new cryptids island…hmmm, i wonder if it has to do with all those houses or dinosaur tracks

There are rumors that a new Poptropica Island was announced on the Poptropica homepage last week, only to disappear. Like some kind of mythical beast vanishing into the fog, it was there one minute, and gone the next.

Eyewitness accounts can be unreliable. Scientists have yet to prove the existence of the next Poptropica Island. The whole thing could be a hoax.

Did you see it? Was it real? Was the next Poptropica Island truly revealed?

The truth is out there.

Did YOU see it? Yes, the truth is out there…

ep vanishes in a flash!


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