Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 30, 2010

halloween at microsoft, candy, charlie brown…great scotts!

Hello, I just came back at 5:19 from trick or treating at microsoft! They told us to take one….but me and my friends took the bowl and dumped it….some may call us evil, but with 700 peices of candy…I resent that…

Anyways, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will show very soon on ABC, this Sunday is the night of scares where ghosts come out, and goblins creep….stalkers come to watch u sleep…nvm, happy halloween to every1 at the poptropica project blog!!!

And on a new pcb post, they described a cavern…what lurks on in there???Nobody knows!!!! Did you see the squirrel?! High squirrel! Maybe he’ll tell me what lived in there…possible a dinosaur or lion…or maybe a giant sushi!!!

Take a look at this creepy cave entrance. What do you suppose lives in there?

Dare you to go in first!

ok, sure…..happy halloween!

Elmo Pwns out!!!


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