Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 3, 2010

We’re just getting started

Hello, there will be a rather big post today FYI. For all of you just joining us, our posts have changed styles from weird and đŸ˜¦ to new and epic. Tell you the truth, we’re just getting started…

First up:

New changes have occured on the site. You may have noticed halo reach pictures, ODST logos, and a Poptropica Sign as well as Halo 3 wallpapers. What’s all this? Simple, halo is epic, it’s a good game and is worth playing. We’ve began to sponsor Bungie, Xbox Live, and Microsoft as well. They’re basically sponsors or endorsements. Plus, halo pics make a good epic collection to the blog. This blog isn’t about halo, it’s about Poptropica but it will feature halo epicness time to time. We advise that you check out these games and sites.



As some of you political junkies may know, it’s midterm elections today. I personally support democratic party after the republicans really screwed up congress, the war, and our government system. Anyways, the political war wages. West Virginia is Democratic while like 10 other states are republican controlled. Hope you voted.


And now, onto the new pcb post now that the updates are off of my chest.



Hello, readers, I’d like to make an agreement with you right now. You’ll be glamorized by the picture of epicness below.

And now, since you have seen epicness, you’ll confine to read my new update below.

The goats are everywhere. They’re even hanging out of this shack.

They’ve got no respect for other people’s property. Or maybe they’re hiding.


Yes, indeed, the goats are everywhere. It appears that the goat in the backround seems to be hiding in that little hut. This is undoubdetly from the new Cryptids Island. It’s hiding from another one of those beasts. We can now have some rather safe guesses on those cryptids in those sneak peaks.

Castle (scottish): Loch Ness Monster

Cave: Bigfoot

house with goat(Clues may includ Jurrassic like trees): Dinosaur


The castle reminds me of a game:

Castle Crashers! 4 knights fighting evil sock puppet dragons and undead minions while escaping from trolls while riding on mutant ducks!




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