Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 6, 2010

Daily Pop

Hello, it’s been some time before the creators did another new post. Let’s hope this new one will make up for all their laziness.

I’m not sure, but it’s coming soon!


Hmm, daily pop. Something that will occur everyday. Just to clarify some clues, in the backround there’s a building labeled the Salon and Shark boy with a giant pencil. Maybe a daily newspaper or comic? If you look in the backround, you could see comics and even some sports…We sure the hel* don’t know what this is, but we have some pretty good guesses:


THE SODA OF AWESOME, every single day!




  1. i think it might be a newspaper…
    you know, the dail mail, daily mirror, it could be the Daily Pop newspaper!

  2. If it IS a newspaper, why do they need it? There’s already the Creator’s Blog. Are they just trying to get more people to use it?

    • Yup…It might be a site, where you can play games, or send in your pictures/art, or do random stuff-

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