Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 15, 2010


Hello, the creators have finally decided to do another new pcb post. I wonder what they’re up to…

When I heard there was a creature even more reclusive than me, I had to see it for myself. Now I know why no one comes to visit. I sure hope my sherpa guide doesn’t let go.

Snow? Ropes? Sherpa? It’s pretty obvious that you’re looking at a yeti here. Definetely part of the new “Cryptids Island”. Cliff hanging huh? That would be a pretty good commercial for a klondike bar….what would u doooo for a klondike bar? Anyways, there’s probaly a risk of falling or something there. Now kids, when climbing 10,000 fett ledges, just remember:

don’t fall….

splat Adding visual effects to your plain flat graphics

And always carry a gun when you’re huting yetis:

…should’ve brought more ammo….


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