Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 26, 2010

goat riding is fun!

On the daily pop, the creators have released ever new sneak peeks. Such as one with a saloon, a winding river, and even a stagecoach…

oh boy, everyone wants to see goats on the new island! It’s the latest thing! There’s a black one you can ride on, a brown one, and even a white one! Cause everybody likes goats. Just don’t get too close to them or they’ll impale you with their sharp, sharp horns!

*ooh, shiny! Mind if I-. Oh %&*!

Black and White eh? Does this have relationships with those sherpas in the other sneak peeks? Maybe it has something to do with a tribe on cryptids island. Did anyone notice the balloon?

Check back on the daily pop for more news, and soda.

Riding on a goat=fun! Everyone loves goats!

yeeeehaaaa!go monkey go!



  1. niiiiiiiice!!! I wish i could go goat ridin’

  2. Lol, thanks daniel, an awesome writing genus guy

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