Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 10, 2010

balloon boy and nessie

A breaking news report live from loch ness. One of our fans have spotted Nessie!

Hints and tips:

If you see a dog, you’re on the right track

if you see a pelican along with a dog, you’re getting warmer

if a ship comes, you’re getting even warmer

and if you still have time left and a balloon comes (with balloon boy) then you should head on down to this area in the picture and you wil lfind Nessie. These are all the signs you need before she will appear!

Spotting Nessie in Poptropica

pretty small shadow. And check out our balloon boy petition to let balloon boy land safely! Hopefully he’ll land on the new island!

Ballon Boy in Cryptids Island

oh look! it’s kindaf ironic how his heluim hasn’t ran out and he hasn’t dropped to death.

news feed is out!


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