Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 10, 2010

poptropica stars top 3 searches in google, followed by Halo Reach!

In recent news, the creators have done a sort of bragging post about poptropica being the 3rd most searched site on the web. Followed by Halo Reach (no surprise there!). Let’s just see how many millions of kids get brainwashed into this game. Well, I’m one so that counts…

Google just released their most popular search terms for 2010, and we were number 5 in video game searches! Thanks to all the Poptropicans for making Poptropica such a fantastic site! We’re planning a LOT more for 2011. More islands, more games, more store items!

other searches are fable 3, mass effect, google pacman( ) to play a google version of pacman, and of course did we mention Halo Reach? Well done Poptropica, yes, well done.

Btw, halo got top 2 search! did we mention that?

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