Posted by: Green Boa | December 14, 2010

Don’t Messie with Nessie

Because Nessie is considered dangerous and won’t like being photographed by cryptid paparrazies.

So now I bet you’re all thinking, “Man, that gives me the grump. It’s such a flump. Now Loch Ness is no better than a garbage dump. ”

Well if you are thinking that, I have breaking news…


Loch Ness is famous only because of Nessie. But did you know those aren’t the only world famous (Well, poptropica famous) things in Loch Ness? Yep, Oprah’s there! No, wait, she’s in Australia, (that’s where I am). OK, take 2!

And… action!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Have you spotted Nessie yet in the Cryptids Island sneak preview? Remember, you can look through the viewfinder every day for your chance to see Nessie and win a prize.

Even if you don’t see the Loch Ness Monster, there are plenty of other sights to see from the shore. Why, look who I saw cruising above the waters of Loch Ness!

You never know what you’ll find out there. Keep watching the skies! And the waters, of course.

avatar image

Oh, man. I’m really starting to regret giving him that balloon. If you want to do something to get Balloon boy down sign elmopwns’ petition, ‘Save Balloon Boy!’
And that’s not the only thing drifting around in Loch Ness! I took a look in a book  the viewfinder AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!


THAT IS UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE! WE DESTROYED THAT! IT DOESN’T EXIST! Well, at least now we know why the castle is such a mess. 😉
Over and Out,


  1. Clap clap clap clap clap clap…….nice….post……pant pant

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